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After my divorce I was lost and confused. I was getting endless advice from family and friends who intentions were good but lack the expertise that i needed. I met with several therapists and didn’t connect with any until I met Cristin. Her empathy, listening which is key and communication skills are fantastic. I come from a culture where men aren’t allowed to talk about there problems which is unhealthy. Cristin provided me with a safe space and continues to work with me. She is the best.

Excellent therapist! Helped me to create positive changes in my life and gave me tools to overcome obstacles.
Cristin is a wonderful, effective and compassionate psychotherapist. She has helped me cope with many different problems that made my panic attacks unbearable. I am the mom on a 7 year old boy that had more than 15 procedures including 5 open heart surgeries and several heart caths from birth. Coping with this and a husband that had immigration issues for 8 years made life unbearable. Her talk therapy sessions along with breathing exercises and medication are very relieving. A++ therapist!
Cristin has been my therapist for over a year. Of the three, I have worked with, she is bar far, the most engaging, respectful, and enthusiastic. I trust her implicitly, unlike my previous therapist and I fully intend to continue with her, far into the future. I emphatically endorse her without hesitation.
Cristin is a fantastic therapist and an essential part of my healing. She is incredibly approachable and her style invites ease and growth. I find her to be wise, caring, funny, warm and authentic. She challenges me in a kind way while letting me feel completely comfortable and accepting of myself without judgment. She has helped me through family issues, career struggles and most recently a major illness. I can’ t imagine going through any of it without her support. Highly recommended.


Hello! My name is Cristin Crum I’ve always been interested in the journeys of others. We create this world through our journeys. We work hard in our lives and in building our relationships. We need a place to process these sacred experiences. By nature we are social beings and we seek clarity and peace. One of the strongest ways we can work toward these goals is through connecting. I strongly believe in the power of connection as a way to restore and revive.